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The Wakefield Obesity Surgery Clinic and the Wakefield Clinic have been offering bariatric surgical procedures since 1991, when the Wakefield Clinic first opened at Wakefield Hospital in Wellington. However, surgery is no longer available through these clinics with effect from 1 December, 2020, due to the retirement of Richard Stubbs.

Follow-up appointments for existing or previous Clinic patients will be offered until 1 December 2022. No appointments for new patients will be given.

The surgical procedure offered exclusively since 1997 has been the Fobi Pouch gastric bypass, which proved to be a very reliable procedure resulting in both substantial and durable weight loss. Major weight regain following this procedure is most unusual, and generally relates to undesirable eating patterns with grazing throughout the day, or the intake of more than one slice of bread per day. Because of the size and shape of the Fobi pouch, enlargement of the pouch is extremely unusual, and revision surgery is almost never required or possible. In a small number of patients (around 2%) the silastic ring may need to be removed because eating restriction is too harsh and eating capability too limited.

Advice is available on this website regarding diet and weight maintenance, and regarding the need and use of long term supplements following this procedure. 

The website also has a resource centre in which a number of important publications from the Wakefield Clinic are available. Those seeking general information regarding the Fobi Pouch procedure are referred to the booklet entitled, A Guide to Gastric Bypass Surgery – The Fobi Pouch.


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