Please note: Our surgeon, Mr Richard Stubbs, is retiring from surgery at the end of December 2020.  We are no longer accepting referrals or enquiries for new patients.

We continue to provide post-operative follow-up for all patients who have undertaken surgery prior to December 2020.


Surgery is finally becoming recognised and even accepted as not only the most reliable method of achieving major weight loss for those with severe obesity, but also the only reliable method! This realisation has been a long time coming!! Unfortunately, the public health system and private insurers in NZ are still trying to avoid the issue, but the pressure is on for change!

If you have decided to have surgery, then the crucial question to ask yourself now is, “Which operation should I have?” Do you want the easy and cheap option or a more expensive but more reliable option? Do you want a solution for a few years, or do you want a lasting solution? Not difficult really, is it? It’s your choice …. But you may never get another chance. Choose wisely!

Wakefield Obesity Surgery Clinic is committed to improving the quality of life for the severely obese. We have a proven track record, developed over 25 years, when it comes to the treatment of obesity through gastric bypass surgery and currently perform up to 100 operations a year. We offer a single variant of gastric bypass surgery known as Fobi Pouch gastric bypass. This was shown some years ago, in a systematic review of the operations being performed around the World (ref), to be the most effective and reliable of the commonly performed operations. This remains true to this day …. despite what others may claim! Which operation should I choose? 

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