Is it for Me?

Gastric bypass is for the severely obese generally those who approach or exceed double their ideal body weight or have a BMI (body mass index) of over 35. Gastric stapling reduces the capacity and the outlet size of the stomach. The result is you will eat more slowly and fill up faster.

It is important to recognise that gastric bypass is not a form of cosmetic surgery. It is for those who are unable to lose weight through conventional methods of diet and exercise and whose health is at serious risk.

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If you are severely obese you won't have the energy or physical ability to get the most out of life.

When you are severely obese, you will have, or be at risk of, developing a number of potentially life-threatening conditions such as hypertension, dyslipidaemia (high cholesterol), diabetes, heart disease and stroke. You may also suffer from a number of less serious, but nevertheless veryunpleasant or disabling problems such as sleep apnoea, asthma, heartburn, depression, infertility and joint problems.

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