The Operation

In general, gastric bypass involves placing four rows of staples across the stomach to divide it into a small upper stomach and a much larger lower stomach. The aim is to markedly limit the amount of food the upper stomach can hold.

We strongly favour the transected silastic ring gastric bypass (the Fobi Pouch) procedure which we have been performing routinely for the last 12 years.This operation has overcome most of the previous reasons for weight regain some years after surgery seen in a proportion of patients after earlier forms of the gastric bypass. We believe this type of bypass leads to the most reliable and predictable weight loss, with few ongoing problems.

The 'Fobi Pouch' operation is a major one, and although it is being performed laparoscopically in some centres in North America, we do not believe this method is as safe as open surgery. This operation is not readily available elsewhere in Australasia.

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